2018 I’m calling you out!!

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2018 I’m calling you out!!

2018 I’m calling you out!!

2017 was a GREAT year for many different reasons:

  1. I had the opportunity to go to Coaching with Excellence with Dan Miller
  2. I graduated from Central Christian College of the Bible with my bachelor’s degree in Christian Counseling
  3. I started Wrestling with Fatherhood with some great goals in mind
  4. I started a podcast
  5. I started a blog
  6. I now understand how important it is for me to be a great dad, learning from my mistakes
  7. I am now working part-time in a great prison ministry which should be going to full-time in January
  8. I celebrated 10 years of marriage (December 15th) with an amazing wife who continues to encourage me and give me strength
  9. I am making a difference in people’s lives through the prison and other people I meet daily
  10. I feel like my life is worth something and I’m able to give back instead of just taking things for my own life
  11. I am finally to the point where I love learning
  12. My relationship with God is getting better everyday
  13. I am meeting like minded people who have control over there lives and starting a business
  14. I finally understand my purpose in helping people

But 2018 is going to be better

My 2017 was a great year.  I great year to meet my goals.  A great year to learn about myself. As good as 2017 was, 2018 is going to be better.  How can I beat 2017 you ask?  By running full speed at the things that I have started above and by adding more family, personal, business, and finacial goals to the list.  My goals for 2018:

  1. Read 1 book every month (more is ok too)
  2. To grow my business so that I can help friends and family
  3. To Blog and podcast every week
  4. To receive 4-6 speaking gigs
  5. To take on full-time work at the prison ministry
  6. To start a side business as a Role Playing Coach for the Townsend Institute (more on this later)
  7. Develop 3-4 new skills that I can use for my business
  8. To Network with a new person everyday in 2018
  9. Write a book to publish in 2019
  10. To build a strong family in Christ

Even though I accomplished a lot in 2017 and had a great year, I get to decide what type of year I will have in 2018.  My friend kent julian and Dan Miller have always said that you have the power to decide what type of year you will have.

No matter what type of year you have had, you get to decide today, what type of year 2018 will be.

What did you accomplish in 2017?  How did you fall short?  How will you make 2018 your year???

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