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Another Statistic

2018 Another Statistic

At the beginning of every year, people from all over the world come up with new goals.  Goals that they want to keep.  Goals for a better tomorrow.  Sadly though, more than 80% of New Years Resolutions fail.  The fail because people forget about their Resolutions.  They fail because people get to busy to worry about their goals, even though people typically have good meaningful goals.  These goals include eat better, get more exercise, save money, making new friends, taking better care of themselves, and picking up new life skills.  Sadly though, I am in the same boat as many of these people for 2018.

Crazy year for good goals

2018 was a busy and crazy year for my family and I.  We started out the year full of joy as most people do.  Intent on making this our family’s best year.  I even wrote down my personal goals in a blog called: 2018 I’m calling you out which can be read at here.  My list of goals for 2018 were as follows:

  • Read 1 book every month (more is ok too)
  • To grow my business so that I can help friends and family
  • To Blog and podcast every week
  • To receive 4-6 speaking gigs
  • To take on full-time work at the prison ministry
  • To start a side business as a Role Playing Coach for the Townsend Institute (more on this later) Out of my hands
  • Develop 3-4 new skills that I can use for my business
  • To Network with a new person everyday in 2018
  • Write a book to publish in 2019
  • To build a strong family in Christ

Instead of getting through all of my goals and controlling my life, life took me for a roller coaster ride.  As you can see from the above list, I only accomplished 4 of my 10 goals.  To give myself some slack, one of the goals on the list was completely out of my control, which leaves 5 goals that I should have accomplished in 2018.


While I did not carry out all of my goals, but only half, I did do some awesome things outside of the things on my goal list.  The first thing to note is that I tend to hold the bar very high for myself.  However, I should allow room for some grace.  While I did not read a book each month, I did pick up and read a couple that I was able to gain some great knowledge from.  While I did not blog (this is my first blog in several months) I was able to get some awesome people for my podcast.  While I did not meet someone new every day, I was able to meet and form some great relationships with new people.  While I did not receive 4 – 6 speaking engagements, I went to a speaking conference and learned a lot about how to switch my focus so that I can start reaching out major companies.  When you look at these goals, I was able to work on each of these and move forward in my life.

A Lot Learned

            While I may not have reached the exact goals that I had set out to achieve, I did learn a lot about myself, my wife, my kids, and my life.  The first thing that I learned so that life is going to hit me in the face, especially when I’m already down.  This year showed me that the punches won’t stop even if I am hurt.  One of the other things that this year really showed me was that I need to rely on my friends.  While I do not have many friends that live close to where I live, the internet has made it easy to stay connected to everyone that I know.  This year has shown me that it is ok to ask for help.

One major thing learned

            One of the major things that got to learn about this year was how to put on a Fatherhood Summit!  I was able to invite 20 experts onto a fatherhood summit that I hosted and put together.  This single event taught me how to flexible, put together a website, how to understand my mindset, how to be a better dad, and how to manage my time better.

In Closing

            When we make brand new goals this year, lets find a way to keep ourselves accountable.  While I did not reach 100% of my goals, I had people helping to keep me accountable.  My coach kept me accountable for the Summit.  My wife kept me accountable and so I was able to finish school.  Accountability can help you to not only come up with goals that you can achieve, but it can also help you to be the man who achieves his goals.  As man, when we achieve our goals, we show our children that they can do anything they put their minds to.


How can I help you to achieve your goals in 2019??  To find out more about my coaching, where I can help you to achieve your goals, click here!


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