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Father Day

Father’s Day to most people means a time to celebrate a father that loved them throughout their childhood and was a role model for the person they are today. Most people are excited to recognize fathers who stand by their side, showing them how much they are loved.
What is Father’s Day to someone who grow up without a dad, someone who loves them? How should someone celebrate Father’s Day if they were abused throughout their teenage years? What about if someone’s dad left their family to marry someone else, starting a new life without their children? These are all…

Simple Gestures That Say, “I Love My Kids.”

One my favorite parts of each day is when I arrive home. When I come to the front door, it is locked. Before I can unlock it with my key, I hear the sound of my children fiddling with the doorknob on the other side. They know it’s me, but remains quiet until the door opens and we make eye contact. Then they start jumping up and down excited to see me. They continue jumping before finally yelling, “Daddy!” Their simple show of excitement makes me feel special and loved.

There is nothing like the love of your children to…

Welcome to Wrestling with Fatherhood!!

You have made the decision to put your children first. Wrestling with Fatherhood is all about helping men become the best dad possible to there children! Glad that your here!!