Discover your Strengths, Understand your Value, Accomplish your Goals, and Live out your Dreams

Matt Woodrum has two different coaching options for you to pick from.  Both of these coaching options seek men who want to become the best version of themselves for their wives and children.

A Father's Identify is a 6 month program based off the subjects talked about at the summit including:

  • Faith - How to improve your faith in people and God.
  • Marriage - Understanding how to strengthen your marriage through Communication and Love Languages
  • Work/Life Balance - How to schedule time with your family no matter what your schedule is.
  • Personality Styles - Understanding your own personality style so you can magnify your strengths
  • Business and Finances - Understanding what it takes to start making money on the side to reduce stress

Wrestling with Fatherhood is Matt's base coaching program that last for 4 months and covers how dads can focus on their:

  • Developing your Strengths - Understand what makes you strong mentally.  What are your gifts? What are your talents?
  • Understand your Value - We start to understand how valuable are you to your family and why.  Why do your children need you?
  • Accomplishing your Goals - Everyone has goals that they would like to accomplish.  We will go through tips, tricks, and SMART Goals that will help you to accomplish all of your goals.
  • Live out your DreamsOnce you start accomplishing your goals, you will understand how to live out your dreams, no matter how small or big.

These keys areas will help you to instill value into your son or daughter to help them understand that they are valuable and were created for a purpose.

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