Mistake #1 – Comparing Children

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Mistake #1 – Comparing Children

One of the hardest things to not do as a parent is remembering that your children are different from other children.  When I was younger, there would be times when I felt like I had to measure up to different people.    As father’s, it is our job to build up our own children, realizing that each of our children has a special gift.  I have two wonderful daughters, who are both very talented in their own individual ways.  One of the worse things that I could do as a father would be to compare them to other children at church, school or other activities.  This can be hurtful to your child’s development.  The first big mistake is:

Comparing your kids with other children

Your children are special with their own gifts and with their own purposes.  Comparing your children with another child who has different gifts can destroy your child’s dreams when they cannot measure up.  Destroying your children’s dreams is the wrong way to show them how to succeed.


Look for and encourage your children’s dream and support what they can do.  In doing this, you will give them hope that they can and will succeed.  Understanding that your child has special gifts that set them apart from other children.  By getting to know your child and encouraging them, you will give them that hope and courage to learn new things.

This mistake develops resentment more than encouragement.  Within in the eyes of your children, it shows that you enjoy/like other kid’s talents more than their own talents.  As a parent, and a man, it is our job to provide a place where our children can grow and learn without their parents tearing them down by wishing their children were like someone else’s child.

Within our family, as men, we can give our children a gift.  That gift is showing our children how special they are and how much we love them.  As dads, we have that power!  As dads we can make the difference!

Share a time when you brought out your own child’s gifts and what was the result of you making your child feel special?

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