Father Day

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Father Day

Father’s Day to most people means a time to celebrate a father that loved them throughout their childhood and was a role model for the person they are today. Most people are excited to recognize fathers who stand by their side, showing them how much they are loved.

What is Father’s Day to someone who grow up without a dad, someone who loves them? How should someone celebrate Father’s Day if they were abused throughout their teenage years? What about if someone’s dad left their family to marry someone else, starting a new life without their children? These are all very real questions that need to be asked in 2017. Father’s Day to some people is a curse, a reminder of how much their Father let them down.

I was 4 years old when I first met the man who I would call dad. His name was Robert and he was a business owner of a trucking mechanic business and was someone who spent all of his time helping men with their tractor trailers. I remember him being a nice guy who enjoy hanging out with my sister and I. Sadly, when I was 7, my mom and dad was divorced and my dad took off. During this time, he PROMISED that he would come back around and take my sister and I out to eat.
In 1996, my dad visited my family during the calling hours for my grandmother and finally took my sister and I out to eat. Sadly, in 2001 my dad took his life and ended my chance of ever meeting and understanding my dad as an adult.

Fatherhood is something that so many people take lightly. 16 years later, it still hurts. I now have 2 girls myself that I make a goal to show and tell them about how much I love daily. While I am far from perfect, I understand that what I say and do today makes a huge difference in who they are tomorrow.

For me, Father’s Day was pretty much ruined by my dad, someone who was supposed to be there while I was growing up. Someone who should have shown me how to throw a baseball. Someone who should have taught me how to shoot a gun. Someone who gave me a ton of hugs and kisses and taught me how to be a man.

Instead, for me, Father’s Day is kid day. This means that it is a day that I can celebrate my children, showing them how important they are. I get a chance to set a day aside and show them that they mean the world to me. I can show them Letters, Numbers and read to them (my girls are 2 and 4 years old). Since Father’s Day bring nothing but pain, questions and sometimes confusion, I use this opportunity to celebrate and show my children how important they truly are so that they do not repeat the same mistakes that my dad did when they grow up. Someone once said, let’s make America great again…. The way to start making America great again, starts and ends with the family and the hope that each member of the family has.

What does Father’s Day mean to you?

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