Love is spelled T-I-M-E!!

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Love is spelled T-I-M-E!!

L-O-V-E is spelled T-I-M-E!!

Family Time

One of the things that men find difficult is to spend quality time with their families. We work night and day to make sure that our families are provided for, sometimes to a fault. Our children do not know who we are, but instead just know us as people who lay down the law. While enforcing the law of the land is important, our children need to know that we have more to do with their lives. Children want to know that we value them more than something to yell at. Our children’s value comes from what we say and do to our children. Everything we say and do is important because it lays the ground work for our children’s lives and their future families.

One of the best memories that I have from living at mom was when my step-dad would take my sister and I out trapping on Thanksgiving Day. This is the one time that I looked forward to waking up early. He would wake us up early, and drive to different locations, allowing us to look at the traps first to see if he caught anything. This was something we did every Thanksgiving for several years, which showed my sister and I that we were important. He understood that the best way to spell L-O-V-E was T-I-M-E. He would take this day to take my sister and I out with him to enjoy one of his favorite hobbies.

When we understand that our children do not want the latest toys, we can finally understand the opportunity that we have to show them their value comes from their personality instead of all the material stuff that the rest of the world wants. As we show our children that they are important, by spending time with them, they will be to carry out their dreams. As dads, we need to remember that we are valuable to the family. Without men in their children’s lives, they are more likely to fail out of school, go through teen pregnancy, end up in prison, and look for attention doing other crime related activities.

The question then becomes, how do we make sure that we are spending quality time with our children. This can be done a couple of different ways.

  1. Setting scheduled time to spend with our children
  2. Making sure that when we get home from a long day’s work, we place our children above the TV, our next project, and other activities.
  3. Showing our wives that they are important.
  4. Coming up with different family projects to do together.
  5. Telling your children that you love them and value their different skills and hobbies.

The best way to tell your children that they hold value and are important you and show them that they are loved is to make sure that you spend time with them.

Things to ponder

What are you doing today (Thanksgiving) to show your children that you love and are thankful for them?

How are your actions today going to shape them tomorrow?

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