Don’t take yourself to seriously with Jim Burgoon

Don’t take yourself to seriously with Jim Burgoon

Jim Burgoon

Joined the military, 18 years married, Started a church

Lives in OL, 11 and 6 year girls, Spotty relationship with dad at best – abuseive, drugs, drinker, Walked at out  4, No relationship, Financial peace University

Dad Emailed as an adult, Mental illness with wife, Healing with God, Told that he was just like his dad

Parent like he wanted to be treated

“Sometimes the best lessons are In what not to do”

Refame your story

Love completely, love totally no matter what happens to you

“Have fun, don’t take yourself to seriously” (with parenting)

As a dad, my purpose is to help my kids find their Identity – Coaching – best versions of who they are – purpose – Mental illness – renewed marriage

Taking steps in the right direction

Faith based ninja straitest

Email:  Jim@jimburgoon

Social Media: Jim_Burgoon

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