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Discover your Strengths, Understand your Value, Accomplish your Goals, and Live out your Dreams

Summit of Fatherhood Mastermind

Summit of Fatherhood Mastermind exist to build men from the ground up by helping dads to lead, love and live by helping them to understand 4 key areas in their life.  These areas include helping men to develop their strengths, understand their own value within their own family, accomplish their goals, and live out their dreams.  Below are some of the effects have understanding your role and value in the household.  There are some horrible effects if dads do not understand their role in the home.  At the same time, there are some GREAT effects of having dads in the home that understand there value with their sons and daughters.


Summit of Fatherhood exist so that fathers can finally come together in a community in which we can build one another up and encourage each other.  We will be focusing on help men understand their purpose to become their children's heroes.  We believe in having accountability so that we can each accomplish our goals and live out our dreams.

Each month, we will intentionally focus on a new subject so help men develop into the type of men their wife and children deserve.  We will hold each other accountable so that we can each accomplish our goals and dreams.


Ray and Matt have seen the results of a fatherless home in different ministries, prisons, and throughout their own life.  Some of the facts that Ray and Matt have seen include:

  • 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless home according to the US Department of Health/Census - 5 times the Average!


  • 85% of all children who show behavior disorders come from  fatherless homes according to the Center for Disease Control - 20 Times the Average!


  • 80% of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes according to the Justice & Behavior Magazine - 14 Times the Average!


  • 71% of pregnant teenagers lack a father according to the US Department of Health and Human Services!


  • 88% of the men and women that are currently in our prison system grew up without a father figure!

The Dad Effect

The dad effect is a real thing.  Children who grow up with a father figure in their home have a tremendous effect.  This effect includes: 

  • 82% of studies on father involvement and child well-being published since 1980 found "significant associations between positive father involvement and offspring well-being…"
  • In an analysis of over 100 studies on parent-child relationships, it was found that having a loving and nurturing father was as important for a child's happiness, well-being, and social and academic success as having a loving and nurturing mother. Some studies even indicated father-love was a stronger contributor to some important positive child well-being outcomes.
  • According to child psychiatrist Kyle Pruett, a father's more active play style and comparatively slower response to a toddler or infant experiencing frustration serve to promote problem-solving competencies and independence in the child.
  • In the words of Dr. Pruett, "positive father care is associated with more pro-social and positive moral behavior in boys and girls."5 This is borne out by research from the University of Pennsylvania which indicates that children who feel a closeness and warmth with their father are twice as likely to enter college, 75 percent less likely to have a child in their teen years, 80 percent less likely to be incarcerated and half as likely to show various signs of depression.


Ray Matz Jr, of Game Changing Dads, is an energetic, kind-hearted and passionate leader in his community and in his home.  He is a devoted husband, a fun-loving father of 3 children, a successful business owner, and a dedicated children minister in Fernandina Beach; Florida.  Ray's goal with his business and in life is to Encourage Husbands and Fathers to Lead, Love and Live.

Matt Woodrum, of Wrestling with Fatherhood, is a passionate, energetic leader within his community that understands how important fathers are within the home.  Not only does Matt know this from his own personal experience of not having a dad growing up but he has also had the privelage of working within a prison ministry that help men and women find their own purpose no matter what their past.  Matt's goal with his business is to help equip dads to develop their strengths, understand their value, accomplish their goals and live out their dreams to become their children's biggest heroes.


We believe that in order for this world to turn around and improve for our own children, there needs to be a call of action to dads everywhere.  As men, we need to understand that we are needed in the family.  Everything that we say and do to our children matters in our children's development.  At the same time, everything that we don't say and don't do matters in our children's life.  If we want to change the world, it has to start with the dads.  YOU are valuable within your family and we look forward to helping you understand your purpose with your family and life.