Who’s Raising your kids??

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Who’s Raising your kids??

We SHOULD be raising our own children!!

After seeing the aftermath of the school shooting last week, people seem to be looking for someone to take the blame.  To date, people have blame everything from parents, to the FBI, to guns, to mental illness and more.  We have people calling out the NRA, demanding for them to make changes in gun laws.  While I believe that guns are a part of the equation, I believe that they are not the entire equation.

Building blocks of Life

When we look at our own lives, we understand that our lives are made up of building blocks.  Think of a Lego set.  We all have different building blocks that make up our lives (or houses).  Everything that happens to use, around us, or that we do to other people becomes a block with in our lives.  Therefore, we can say that some behavior is learned even when we do not have any memory of past events.  This is a huge reason Erik Erikson created the development chart.  Things that happened early in our life have an effect on how we view the world.

So, what does that have to do with school shootings and raising our own children?  From a young age, we allow our children to be exposed to many different things.  The things we allow our children to hear on television, movies, music; become a part of the building blocks that make up the children’s life.  Everything that we see, hear, touch, smell, and taste becomes a Lego block in our life; helping us to make up decisions when we get older.

As I’m writing this, I can already hear people (both adults and children) thinking “but I grow up with violence, sex, swearing and all the bad things that you’re talking about, and I don’t kill, swear, do drugs, or drink”.  Awesome!  However, seeing these things from a young age still plants the seeds for future decisions.  A great example of what I’m talking about comes from people who get mad or frustrated easily.  Science as shown that people who are exposed to violence are more likely to get mad easily and lash out.

This is our problem men

As dads, it would be easy to say that this is not our problem.  To sit back and wait for our child till they have a problem that needs fixed.  However, it is our awesome responsibility to be the ones that raise our own children.  We should never expect TV to raise our children and then be surprised when they swear or hit someone.  As dads, it is our job to raise our own children, to show them love, kindness, and respect.

Once we (dads) start showing our children that they are loved, valued, and show them how to be respectful and kind to others, the population in our prison systems will go down.  The amount of crime will decline.  The amount of school shooting with decrease.  This happens with parents, specifically dads, stepping up to their amazing responsibility of being a parent.  So how does one be a good parent?  Im glad you asked!

  1. Spend time with your children. Do life together!
  2. Tell your child how much you love them daily. They want to hear it!!
  3. Understand your children’s love language.
  4. Treat their mother how you would want them to treat their spouse.
  5. Spend time teaching your children how to do life.

You see while guns ARE a factor in these school shootings, they do not tell the entire story. The biggest reason we are seeing a decline in society has a lot more to do with people then it does with guns.  Should we get rid of all guns? I don’t know.  Do we need to understand how to be better parents, husbands, and dads?  YES!!


Challenge question: Who is raising your child?  Is it TV, movies, music and entertainment or is it you?


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