Wow what a year

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Wow what a year

WOW, what a year!! 2018 has had some crazy ups and downs.

My biggest win for this last year came when I completed my bachelor's degree. While this may not seem like a huge deal to some people, it is to me. School has never been easy. I remember being jealous about how easy school was for other people. But I DID IT!! I now have my associate's degree in Psychology and my Bachelor's degree in Counseling.


I had easily one of my favorite road trips when we (a couple of my college friends) visited the Grand Canyon, Roswell, NM, Stanly Hotel (from the Shining), a little bit of Carlsback Caverns. This was an epic road!!

I also had a great road trip with a different to Virginia and met a lot of people from The Richway.  While I am no longer with The Richway program, it taught me a lot of things and I had a chance to meet some incredible people. Just some of the people that I met: Brian, one of the best coaches with the biggest heart who loves God, his family, and people. Someone I love and respect!! Mrs. Donna, one of the most caring, loving, and encouraging people that I have ever met. I used to think I was an encouraging person, which I try to be, then I met her and saw what God can do with this gift. I met Chris, one of the most intentional people I have met. He would tell it like it is because he cares for everyone he meets.  I cant tell you about people other amazing people from The Richway program.

The Downs

Some of the downs that this year included were things like a massive move from Mo to Oh. This was one of the most stressful moves that I can remember, the reasons aren't important. After this move and the blessing of Naya, I fell into a small depression. There was a small period where I told Jocelyn Woodrum that I didn't like who I was becoming and is the first time I needed help and I knew it.

Fatherhood Summit

One of the other really good things about 2018 was that I put on my first Fatherhood Summit!! I had some incredible speakers including: Scott Maderer, Sean Romero, Dow Tippett, Patrick Walsh, Alan Thomas, Michael Prince, Tommy Lanham, Ray Matz Jr., Justin Bailey, Brian A. Street, Teresa McCloy, Ashley Logsdon Aaron Walker,The Men to Entrepreneurial Family Man (Christopher McCluskey, Chris Niemeyer, Michael McGreevy, Jamie Slingerland), Terry Burgess, Ricky Shetty, Kent Julian, and Dr. Johnny Parker. Many of these guys helped out of the kindness of their hearts, during the busiest time of the year!!

Friends that Care

Good Friends

Thank the good lord for good friends both new and old. A couple of my best friends came and helped in a way that I will never be able to repay. I had some great friends that came running in to support, love and help me.  This included going to people’s housing, visiting my old college, and zoom/Facebook calls.  These calls gave me a chance to unwind and enjoy the moment.  I also met several new friends that supported and cared for me.  These people helped me to understand how valuable I was a person.  In meeting these friends, I had a chance to see how they did fatherhood.  I also had a chance to meet up with them and unwind, as community is really what got me through some of these difficult times.

Last year, I wrote a blog called "2018 Im calling you out!". I met 4 out of the 10 goals I had set for the year. 1 of the goals was completely out of my control. and the other 5 goals, I took some great steps forward with.

What a Ride

2018 was a ride. Both highs and lows. From seeing the Grand Canyon to needing help. To thinking that Im completely alone to meeting some awesome new friends and hanging out with old friends. Im grateful for 2018. Why you ask? Because 2018 made me stronger. God never left me when I needed him the most. Jocelyn Woodrum supported me and loved me even through her stressful year. And I received a third angel in Naya. One of the biggest things that 2018 showed me is that I am blessed!

Community Of Fatherhood

What does this have to do with Fatherhood

Everyday, men are going through life and facing difficult decisions, being told to man up or that their struggle is not that difficult.  This could not be further from the truth.  Men deal with issues, struggles, and challenges.  We have seen men hide their feelings because people expect men to man up or just not care what these men are going through.  However, this is an approach that hurts men and through for hurts society.  Instead of pushing men down and telling us that our opinions are not valid, I propose we have a new strategy.  One where we value both men and women and their differences.  One where we encourage and uplift men so that we can show our boys and girls how valuable they are.

Summit of Fatherhood

            This is exactly where The Summit of Fatherhood Mastermind comes in.  The Summit of Fatherhood is all about helping men to understand their own Identity with the family, so they can show their children how important they are to the world.  This mastermind is set up in such a way that we will be accomplishing our goals and living out our dreams.  In order for us to end poverty, bring families back together, and put the prison system out of business, we must understand that it is time for us men to “Dad Up”.  The Summit of Fatherhood is just one of the many ways that we can show our children that they are worth it!

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